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Our aim is to show Senegal’s potential
by "Made in Senegal" fashion.


1. "Afro-dandy" style

Afro-dandy style inspired by surfers who bring life to the beach and dancers who crowd the clubs. 
The brand was conceived by a designer cum DJ who was inspired to start making clothes
for these beach and club goers.

 2. Handmade and quality

In West Africa the culture is rooted in people bringing fabric to their tailor and ordering custom clothing. 
Senegal, thanks to its fashionista spirit,
stands out with its numerous highly skilled tailors.
The product is one and only.

3. From Senegal to the World!

Created for the local playboys who know how to dress afro-fashion handsomely,
we share these images of Senegalese models dressed in clothes made by highly skilled Senegalese tailors,
revealing the true potential of Senegal to the world.